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bulletNovember 2005 - Takbeeraat of 'Eid; Human Origins
bulletAugust 2005 - IQRA Hits 10,000; Backbiting and Slander
bulletNovember 2004 - Why Sunnah and Hadith Must be Followed; Disunity and Decline: A Direct Proportionality;
bulletMarch 2004 - Children's stories: Early Revelations, Mounting Opposition. ED- Rights of a Sick Muslim- Needs of This Time. ED- An Example to Follow. More in the Reading List. New Mufti Kifayatullah Dehlvi bio added to Biographies.
bulletDecember 2003 - Hajj: A Guide for Intending Pilgrims. New Poems & Acrostics. Think about it!.
bulletOctober 2003 - Additional phrase in Adhan of Fajr. Paradise. Saum (Fasting): A Pillar of Islam.
bulletAugust 2003 - More stories, poems, Quran Quiz questions.
bulletJune 2003 - Old poems: Some Who Are "Born Muslim", Death Is Certain.
bulletMay 2003 - More than bad rulers and corrupt societies, Poem, Editorial, Quran Quiz , Rabi-ul-Awwal ...
bulletApril 2003 - Eid Date Controversy, Editorial, poem, ...
bulletMarch 2003 - Biography: Sayyid Sulaiman Nadvi. Quran Quiz page. Peace poem.
bulletFebruary 2003 - Poetry page, Editorial page, Site Map, bunch more children's stories, new Biographies page added. Economic Challenge for the Ummah.
bulletDecember 2002 - Eid-ul-Fitr poem.
bulletNovember 2002 - Ramadan resources page.
bulletOctober 2002 - Recommended reading page added. 
bulletSeptember 2002 - Glossary moved to self-contained site.
bulletMay 2002 - Poems (current events).
bulletApril 2002 - More children's stories, acrostics.
bulletMarch 2002 - Muhammad : The Ideal Prophet, Distribution of Wealth in Islam.
bulletFebruary 2002 - Eid-ul-Adha, Qurbani, Salah of a Believer in the Quran and Sunnah, Valentines, Birthdays, and Other Daze.
bulletDecember 2001 - Sept 11, WTC, Afghanistan, Ten Principles.
bulletNovember 2001 - Sept 11, WTC, Afghanistan.
bulletOctober 2001 - Children's Stories updated.
bulletSeptember 2001 - Auth. Sunnah Chapter 2, Stories of Hadrat Musa.
bulletJuly 2001 - Contribution of Muslims to Scientific Thought, Call of Time.
bulletJune 2001 - Story of the Elephant.
bulletApril 2001 - Prayer, Forty Traditions, Sahabah, Auth. Sunnah Chapter 1
bulletMarch 2001 - About IQRA page, Donation page, Auth. Sunnah (Articles)
bulletFebruary 2001 - February Issues (Online), Hadrat Yusuf, Wise Young Muslim Boy (Children), Eid-ul-Adha (Articles), Introduction to Hadith (Articles)
bulletJanuary 2001 - Initial posting of web page.



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