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Alhamdulill‚h, this month symbolizes a very special landmark in the journey that we have named, IQRA, a Voice of the Muslim Ummah. We are, this month insha-All‚h, distributing ten thousand copies of this message.

When we earnestly began this effort in Dhul Hijjah 1411 (June 1991), hopes were there but apprehension was considerable: Will this little publication last for any appreciable length of time? Will it receive All‚hís permission to exist? Will it get support from the Muslim community? Will All‚h permit us the stamina and span of life to continue with this work?

Alhamdulill‚h many of these apprehensions proved to be nothing more than apprehensions. By All‚hís leave and the support of the Muslim community IQRA has lasted to see this major expansion in its circulation. Partly, IQRA has worked because all work for it is done by Muslims fÓsabeelill‚h. No Muslim asks for or gets any monetary rewards. Our expenses are strictly printing, postage and supplies, and any other services that we have to get from non-Muslim institutions. May All‚h reward all who have so unselfishly contributed their time, efforts and duí‚s for IQRA. May All‚h reward you all who have committed your monetary resources for this noble cause.

The mission of IQRA is nothing short of a functional, viable, and practical unity among all Muslims. This unity is only possible if there is continuous and regular dialogue among us. It is only possible if, in all of our dialogues we agree to use compassion, and not compulsion, to convince each other about a disputed issue. IQRA is only one medium for such dialogue. We pledge that IQRA shall continue to try to be a compassionate glue. The meeting of hearts, if it comes, is from All‚h alone. May All‚h make it possible. Ameen.


Published: August 2005


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