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With the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Salaam! Ahlan-wa-sahlan! Welcome to the Iqra website. In this site, you'll find a lot of information about Islam and the Muslims. Please click one of the links below to begin exploring.

bulletAbout IQRA - General information, history, mission, how to submit articles and other ways to support the IQRA magazine. (What's new!)
bulletOnline Issues - Online versions of the current and past issues of the monthly newsletter.
bulletArticles & Features - Selected articles, poems, editorials, essays, and booklets published in past issues.
bulletChildren's Section - Everyone's favorite! Stories of the prophets and more...
bulletCommunity - Announcements, local events, calendars, outside links, etc.
bulletQ&A / Forum - Letters to the editor, questions and answers, issues for Muslims to think about and a place to share ideas.
bulletRecommended reading - Looking for a good book to read?
bulletGlossary - Confused by all the Arabic terminology? For Muslims and non-Muslims, authentic meanings of Islamic vocabulary are listed on this page.
bulletContact Information - Where to write, who to write to, etc.


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And let there spring from you a group who invite to goodness, and enjoin right conduct, and forbid the wrong. And such are they who are successful.
[Qur'an 3:104]

Para que de vosotros surja una comunidad que llame al bien, ordene lo reconocido e impida lo reprobable. Esos son los que cosecharŠn el ťxito. 
[Del Noble Coran: Sura de la Familia de 'Imran]

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