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Forty Traditions Representing the Luminous Way of Life


Salmaan (Allah be pleased with him) said: 

“I asked the Messenger of Allah () which are the forty hadeeth about which he said whoever memorized them would enter Paradise.” 

He replied that they are:

(1) That you believe in Allah, (2) And the Last Day, (3) And the angels, (4) And the Books, (5) And the Prophets, (6) And the Resurrection after death, (7) And in the Decree- that everything good and evil is from Allah. (8) And that you bear witness that there is no god except Allah and that Muhammad () is the Messenger of Allah, (9) And that you establish the prayer at the prescribed time with complete and perfect wuduu’, (10) And that you give the Zakaah, (11) And that you fast during Ramadaan, (12) And that you perform the Hajj if you have the means, (13) And that you pray twelve rak’aat [of the Sunnat Mu’akkadah] during the day and night [namely, 2 before Fajr, 4 before and 2 after Zuhr, 2 after Maghrib and 2 after ‘Ishaa], (14) And never omit the Witr prayer at night [after ‘Ishaa],

(15) And do not hold anything as partner with Allah, (16) And do not disobey your parents, (17) And do not consume the property of the orphan unjustly, (18) And do not consume intoxicants, (19) And do not commit adultery, (20) And do not swear falsely by Allah, (21) And do not bear false witness, (22) And do not act according to your base desires,

(23) And do not backbite your Muslim brother or sister, (24) And do not slander the chaste man or woman, (25) And do not harbor a grudge against your brother or sister Muslim, (26) And do not be occupied in vain pursuits, (27) And do not keep company with those who indulge in amusement, (28) And do not call someone who is short, “O short one,” with intention to disgrace him, (29) And do not ridicule any person, (30) And do not carry tales of gossip between two brothers or sisters, (31) And thank Allah Ta’aala for His bounties, (32) And be patient in calamities and hardships,

(33) And do not feel yourself safe from the punishment of Allah, (34) And do not break the ties of kinship, (35) [Rather, ] maintain them, (36) And do not curse any of the creation of Allah, (37) And recite Subhaanallaah, Allaahu Akbar, Laa-ilaaha-illallaah much, (38) And do not leave the performance of the Jumu’ah and the two ‘Eids, (39) And know that whatever has affected you was not destined to pass you by, and whatever passed you by was not destined to affect you, (40) And never leave off the recitation of the Qur’aan, under any condition.

I (Salmaan) said: “O Messenger of Allah (), what is the reward of the one who memorizes these forty things?” 

He said: “Allah will raise him with the prophets and the scholars on the Day of Judgement.” 

[Kanzul-’Ummaal as quoted in Uswa-e-Rasool-e-Akram. Also in Virtues of the Quran of Maulana Kandhalvi]


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