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Quran Quiz

Qubbat-us-Sakhra, Baytul-Maqdis 
(The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem)



bulletQuestion: There is a srah in the Qur'n in which the word "Allh" is mentioned at least once in every single yah (verse), and in one yah this word is found 5 times! Which srah is it? 
[Read the answer here]
bulletQuestion: There is one yah (verse) in the Qurn in which Allh says that He Himself does something and then He also orders the believers to do the same. What is that yah
[Read the answer here]
bulletQuestion: Where is the yah (verse) in the Qurn that establishes the fard (compulsory) acts of wud?
[Read the answer here]
bulletQuestion: During the 23 years of the Qurnic revelation, there were three times when the revelation was suspended for a significant period of time and the Prophet did not receive any wahy. What were these times, and which srah and/or yt were revealed to break the silence?
[Read the answer here]
bulletQuestion: (1) Which is the greatest yah of the Qurn? (2) Which srah will protect one from the Dajjl? (3) Which srah is equivalent to one-third of the Qurn? (4) What is the heart of the Qurn?
[Read the answer here]
bulletQuestion: Which is that srah the like of which was never given to any prophet before Raslullh and the like of which was never revealed in the Torah, Injl, Zabr, or Qurn?
[Read the answer here]

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