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Tarwh Prayer

    The Tarwh prayer is a special prayer performed during Ramadn after Ish. It consists of 20 rakt sunnah muakkadah and is preferably offered in congregation. Usually the entire Qurn is recited in the course of the month. The Tarwh is performed in units of 2 rakt and after every 4 rakt there is a short rest (called tarwhah- hence the name Tarwh, which is the plural). The Witr prayer is also performed in congregation after the Tarwh. Note, it is not permissible to perform the Tarwh prayer, or any other prayer, while reading out of a Qurn- doing so will break the salt.

    The Prophet ( ) said:

Whoever stands during Ramadn (for Tarwh), with true belief and self-scrutiny will forgiven for his previous sins. [RS-1187, agreed upon]


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