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Part II: Istinjaa

Q.        What is meant by istinjaa ?
A.        Getting rid of uncleanliness, which one gets when one goes to the toilet, is called istinjaa.

Q.        How to do istinjaa after urinating?
A.        After urinating, dry the urine with a clean piece of mud or toilet paper and then wash with water.

Q.        How to do istinjaa after excreting feces?
A.        Clean the private part with three or five clean mud pieces or toilet paper and then wash.

Q.        When to do istinjaa ?
A.        If urine or the excreta does not soil parts other than the private parts, istinjaa is mustahab. If uncleanliness has spread to other parts but covers a space of about a dirham, area of the circle of an inch diameter or less than that, it is sunnah. And if it is more than that, then istinjaa is fard.

Q.        By what things should istinjaa be done?
A.        By clean mud pieces or stones.

Q.        Use of what things in istinjaa is makrooh ?
A.        The use of bone or eatables, or coal or cloth or paper[1] for istinjaa is makrooh.

Q.        By which hand should istinjaa be done?
A.        By left hand istinjaa by right hand is makrooh.


[1] It is not appropriate to use paper for istinjaa when you also use it for writing and printing and reading. But with toilet paper, it is different. It can be used for istinjaa since it was made only for that purpose, not for writing or printing.



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