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Part II: The Haqeeqi Najaasat

Q.        How many types of haqeeqi najaasat are there?
A.        There are two types of haqeeqi najaasat. One is ghaleeza najaasat and the other is khafeefa najaasat.

Q.        Give examples of ghaleeza (heavy) najaasat.
A.        Urine and stool of human beings and the urine and dung of all the haraam animals (forbidden to be eaten). Flowing blood of human beings and animals, wines, hen’s or duck’s excretions – all these are ghaleeza najaasat.

Q.        What things are khafeefa (light) najaasat?
A.        Urine of halaal animals (animals permitted for eating) and the excretion of haraam birds are khafeefa najaasat.

Q.        To what extent is ghaleeza najaasat permissible?
A.           If ghaleeza najaasat is of dense type, e.g. stool or excretion, it is excused up to 3 mashahs, 3 grams or 1/9th of an ounce in weight. If it is a liquid as wine or urine, then its spot equal to the area covered by a rupee or a circle of half an inch radius will be permissible. It means that if the najaasat less than this extent is on the body or cloth, one is allowed to say namaaz. But such namaaz will be makrooh.

It is not allowed to keep on even such a najaasat if you are aware of it.

Q.        How much of khafeefa najaasat can be excused?
A.        If it covers less than a quarter of a garment or any particular part of the body, it can be excused.

Q.        How to clean one’s body or clothes from haqeeqi najaasat?
A.            Haqeeqi najaasat, whether it is ghaleeza or khafeefa, on the body or clothing, can be cleaned by washing three times, and after every washing the garment must be squeezed.

Q.        Can it be cleaned by water only or by something else as well?
A.        Yes, by all taahir (clean) liquids and fluids. Vinegar or watermelon’s juice, for example, can also wash and clean the haqeeqi najaasat.



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