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By Shaikh ul Hadeeth Hadhrat Maulana Yusuf sahib

   All praise be to Allh, and may prayers and salutations descend upon His Messenger.

Dear and respected Maulana Riyadh ul Haq (May Allh protect him) has fulfilled one of the greatest needs of our time by compiling this work, The Salh of a Believer in the Qurn and Sunnah.

   For a long time now many schemes and plots have been devised in numerous ways to distance our youth from Islam. When these conspiring elements realize that, despite all the means adopted, their schemes have failed to weaken the religious beliefs of these youngsters, and when they also observe that that these young Muslims remain punctual in offering their prayers as well as fulfilling the other principal duties of Islam, they then try to instill in the minds of the young that their own lifelong salh and that of their ancestors for centuries has always remained incorrect.

   This book serves as a remedy for such doubts created by the enemies of Islam, primarily because it mentions the correct method of performing salh in accordance to the Sunnah. Thereafter, if there is a need for evidence to support the claim of this authentic manner of salh, that is also catered for convincingly. As for those who constantly encounter individuals who engage in creating fitnah amongst the Muslims, the final section of the book contains conclusive answers to silence such people.

   I have great hope that, just as Allh the Most High has graced Maulana Riyadh ul Haqs speeches, lectures and recordings with acceptance, insha Allh his writings will also be honored with similar recognition and approval. And this is not at all difficult for Allh. [Ibrahim 14:20]

   May Allh the Almighty shower prayers and blessings upon the best of his creation, our master and leader Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions.

   (Hadhrat Moulana) Yusuf (sahib)

   Darul Uloom, Holcombe, Bury.


[Hadhrat Moulana Yusuf sahib is one of the foremost disciples and khulafa of the late Shaikh ul Hadeeth Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya rahmatullahi alaih. He is the founder and patron of numerous religious establishments throughout the world including Darul Uloom al Arabiyyah al Islamiyyah, Holcombe, Bury, UK, where at present he is also the senior teacher of hadeeth. His students, who number many, are spread across the globe occupied in the service of deen in varying capacities. I am also honored to have been tutored by him. May Allh reward him, lengthen his shadow over us and enable us to benefit from his company. Ameen - Author.]


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