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    The Witr prayer is wjib (compulsory). To neglect it is a major sin and if it is missed for some reason, it should be made up. The Witr is to be performed during the night, after Ish and Tahajjud. For those who are not sure that they can wake up in the middle of the night, they can pray it right after the Ish, and that is common nowadays. Witr means odd, and the number of rakt in the prayer is three. During the third rakah also the qunt and du is to be performed. Following the Witr one may offer two rakt of nafl but otherwise the Witr should be the last prayer of the night until the Fajr. [See RS-1133-1138]

    Hadrat Ali (Allh be pleased with him) reported that Allhs Messenger ( ) said:

    Truly Allh is an odd number (ie. One) and He loves what is odd in number, so perform the Witr, O believers of the Qurn. [M-1266, from Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud and Nasi]

                During the month of Ramadn, the Witr prayer is offered in congregation after the Tarwh, but other than that it is not permissible to perform it in congregation.


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