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Prayer: The Mi'raj (Ascension) of the Believers

The salât (prayer or namâz) is a duty upon Muslims which cannot be overemphasized. There are books and collections of hadîth detailing the importance and benefits of prayers. Due to space and time constraints, we will not be mentioning all of these in this article but will simply suffice by recalling the saying,
    “Prayer is the key to Paradise.” [Ihyâ]

    Namely, our ultimate success in the Hereafter very much depends on the performance of salât.

    Allâh has not enjoined prayers simply as a burden upon His servants. In fact, it is a special privilege and a gift which was the “coolness of the eyes” of the Prophet Muhammad ( ). Furthermore, as the title of this article reminds us, prayer is said to be the “Mi’râj” of the believers. Mi’râj refers to the miraculous ascension of the Prophet ( ) to the heavens and his direct communion with Allâh there, among other things. (It was also on this journey that the five daily prayers were made obligatory.) In the same way, the salât is the direct means of communication with Allâh for every believing Muslim man and woman. It is through this medium, not through the medium of any intercessors as in other misguided religions and belief systems, that a Muslim can express his praise to Allâh, his thanks for His favors, his seeking for His mercy and forgiveness and his requests for any type of need- be it dînî (spiritual) or dunyâwî (worldly).



    The attainment of the true pleasure and purpose of salât is granted only by Allâh to whom He wills and especially to those who strive hard to achieve it. Thus, in order to motivate ourselves and the entire Muslim ummah (nation) towards the practice and upkeep of the obligatory and superogatory prayers, we have composed this short article summarizing the various types of prayers that are established from the life of the Prophet Muhammad ( ). Again, due to constraints of time and space, we will not mention the entire details of the methods of saying these prayers in this article. For that information, one should learn from someone who knows, or read about them in reliable Islamic textbooks.

    May Allâh grant us the felicity of attaining the “coolness of our eyes” in the performance of salât. May He accept our humble prayers and forgive our copious sins and shower us with His pleasure. Aameen.



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