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The Agony of a Palestinian Family

I watched on TV this communiqué,
It rent and torn my heart that day.

I saw soldiers pushing their way,
And a Palestinian family held at bay.

I saw this family begging and pray,
But those soldiers continued anyway.

Their pleadings to hold the sway
Made no difference and no headway.

Clutching her baby she wanted to stay,
A motherly courage she would display.

The soldiers hit and pushed her away,
Her child fell down in this disarray.

Were the soldiers ashamed? Nay, nay.
It was the height of their moral decay.

Her husband tried to help, by the way
The soldiers beat and threw him away.

The Palestinians were a helpless prey,
Their bloody faces called Mayday.

My eyes got wet and tears rolled away,
The soldiers continued without a delay.

A bulldozer flattened their home. I say,
Kindness and justice were cast away.

--- Zaki Ahmad Sabih
Edison, NJ.

Note: Based on the BBC World News (TV) on Dec. 28, 1998. Demolishing Palestinian homes is a collective punishment and an old Israeli tactic practiced even today.

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