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He was the prophet, par excellence;
His task was difficult and truly immense.
A messenger of truth, a preacher of peace;
To the unjust and cruel, he said, “Now, cease!”
A gentle teacher - their friend and kin;
He grieved for the sins the Arabs were in;
Justice and mercy, heaven and hell;
He preached us all, and warned us well.
One day he shouted from atop Mount Safa;
“Come listen to me, O citizens of Makkah!”
“From this height I have a clear view;
Of the other side of the hill, Isn’t it true?”
“Would you believe if I said there lay;
An army into Makkah ready to foray?”
“Sure, we will.” They held him in esteem;
“Because you are As-Sadiq and Al-Amin.”
“Then turn to Allah,” he gently said.
“Follow me, and you won’t be misled.”
It was the beginning, it was the foundation,
Of an Islamic society and a great civilization.
Where justice ruled, and peace prevailed;
And nobody’s rights were at all curtailed.

--- Zaki Ahmad Sabih

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