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Truly, the number of months with Allah is twelve, in the Command of Allah the day He created the Heavens and the Earth; four of them are sacred: that is the straight religion. So wrong not in them upon yourselves, and fight the polytheists in all circumstances as they fight you in all circumstances. And know that Allah is with those who are pious, God-fearing. 
[Qur'aan 9:36]

The Holy Qur'aan declares that the number of months is not the product of man's history but it is the part of the Divine Scheme for the administration and regulation of human affairs according to Divine Law. Out of these twelve months, four are sacred ones wherein committal of sins and wrongs is more serious than in other months. And this is the "Straight Religion" of Ibrahim (Abraham - - peace be upon him).

In the Divine Constitution, the year has always been of twelve months, neither less nor more. And in Ibrahim's religion, four months were sacred: Zil-Qa'd, Zil-Hijj, Muharram and Safar. In them, fighting was unlawful and the Arabs kept peace during these months so that people from far and wide might perform 'Umrah and Hajj without fear. Nowadays, according to a majority of the scholars, this order (prohibition of fighting during these sacred months) does not exist. From this verse it is also inferred that Jihad against the enemies of Islam has always been lawful, but wronging one another has always been sinful and in these months moreso. But it is better to avoid fighting and the Muslims should not open war if some non-believer observes their sacred inviolability.




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