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Author's Preface



Oh Allah! Bless the leader of all creation, Muhammad   and bless all his companions . There is no God except Allah (kalama-e-tauheed) is the key to the means of approach to and audience with Allah. Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Muhammad ibne Jazri Shafii, weak and helpless, a dependent servant of Allah pledges to sever all relations with creation to devote all his attention to Allah. He is hopeful of Allah’s mercy and deliverance from oppression and hopeful of His favor. After praising and prayer to Allah Jallay Shanaho, Who has made Du’a a reason for change in fate (Qadr), and after sending greeting of peace and salutation upon Muhammad  , the leader of all prophets and on his righteous companions and family, be informed that: 


(1) this book is a strong fortress selected from the words of Muhammad . It is a priceless pearl and weapon selected from the treasures of the trustworthy Messenger to defend Muslims against their enemy. It is an amulet composed of sayings of the Prophet .

The purpose of its compilation is to provide mankind, for its well being, with a collection of authentic traditions for their protection from jinn and mankind equally. I have left out the isnad to make it a practicable compilation of du’a.

I have personally benefited from this fortress, while I was afflicted with a terrible difficulty and saved myself from oppression through these supplications. I wrote a few verses in this connection:


Be warned, one who has dared to pretend bravery;


Considering me weak, do not overlook the fear of your true Lord.


Sitting in the dark nights, I have readied these protective arrows;


Hopeful am I that my Lord will take these arrows to their intended target.

I supplicate to Allah that this collection of du’a will also benefit other Muslims and protect them against all worries and difficulties.

Although brief, this compilation covers all aspects of human needs and essentials. A hadith from every chapter is but mentioned here.

When I had completed the compilation, I was ordered by the enemy to present myself to them. The enemy was so powerful and tyrannical that only Allah could save one from him. So I absconded and hid and took refuge in this invincible fortress.

During this period of hiding, I kept vigil with the du’a. One night the leader of the Prophets  visited in my dreams. I was myself sitting on the right side and he asked me what I desired. I requested that he plead with Allah to remove the oppression from me and all the Muslims. He raised his hands, and I was watching his actions. After completing the du’a he rubbed his face with his hands. I saw this dream on Thursday night and by following Sunday the enemy had fled the outskirts of the town. Allah through the blessings of these du’as saved the Muslims from the tyranny of the oppressor. 


(2) that the traditions in this compilation are all sound and authentic, to the best of my knowledge and understanding. One should rest assured about this matter after I assure you to your satisfaction.

(In the interest of space, we present  only an abridged preface. Translator).


Chapters and Contents of the Book

1. Muqaddama (Preamble): This section has following sections:

1. Virtues of Du’a
2. Virtues of Dhikr
3. Etiquettes of Du’a
4. Etiquettes of Dhikr
5. Times when Du’a  is accepted
6. Conditions in which Du’a is accepted
7. Places where Du’a is accepted
8. People whose Du’a is accepted
9. Discourse of Ism-e-Azam.
10. Discourse of beautiful names of Allah
11. How to offer Thanks, after acceptance of Du’a.

2. Chapter One: Du’as for needs during morning, evening, day and night, and at various events of human experience from birth to death; based on authentic ahadith of the Messenger of Allah .

3. Chapter Two: Azkar that are not specific with any time.

4. Chapter Three: Supplications to absolve oneself from sins and wrong deeds.

5. Chapter Four: The Glorious Qur’an and virtues of recitation of certain verses.

6. Chapter Five: Those Du’as that the Messenger of Allah  used, with no specific time, based on authentic ahadith.

7. The End: Virtues of Darood on the “light of the universes”, through whom Allah saved creation from corruption, and because of whom ignorance and blindness were removed and path of truth was revealed and no doubt was left between truth and falsehood. May Allah bestow abundant bounties and salutation on him until the last day when people of dhikr keep their vigil and those that are oblivious stay oblivious.



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