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Home Schooling as an Alternative

A question often asked of the home schooling parent is, “Are the children getting enough socialization?” There is a misconception that home-taught children are being sheltered from the world in which they live and that this could be detrimental to their well being. Social Studies is a required course in the school curriculum and through lessons on city and governmental topics a child can learn social skills. As Muslims, we are given the criteria for teaching social skills through the use of the Quran and the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad . There are several ways to implement these skills into everyday activities. Taking children on field trips is an excellent way to bring about interaction between children of different backgrounds, be they of an ethnic or religious persuasion. In this setting, parents have an opportunity to network with other parents on ideas or strategies in home schooling and the children have new friends to relate to. The public library is a very good place to take children who are home taught because here they have the opportunity to expand their reading choices to topics and ideas in which the parent can help them make the proper choice. Libraries also sponsor programs that are educational as well as creative. The most relevant social activity that a Muslim child could engage in is in his use of the masjid. Here a child learns to practice his religious ideas in the company of those who believe as he does and worship as he does. What better way is there for a healthy Muslim child to develop socially?

The social interaction in this society leaves little to be desired. As Muslims, we need to be very careful about what we expose our children to and how we help them struggle through decisions in this unIslamic society. The prevalent attitude toward such unacceptable behavior as pre- and extramarital sex, slander, intoxicants, disrespect for parental and elder authorities, etc. as being the right of the individual can be found in the public schools of this country. Very often the social and political system encourages and entices innocent children to engage in such unacceptable behavior by using the misguided laws to defy parental authority. Our children are exposed to these ideas on a daily basis and as parents we have to help our children make the proper choices in their struggle to deal with them.

In a home-school environment, the Islamic life style is enforced daily and this is a consideration we as parents cannot afford to overlook.

--- Jamilah Rasheed



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