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Part II: First Condition of Salaah

Q.        What is meant by taahir (clean) body?
A.        That one’s body should be clean of all najaasat (uncleanliness).

Q.        How many kinds of najaasat are there?
A.        Najaasat is of two kinds: one haqeeqi and the other hukmi.

Q.        What is haqeeqi najaasat ?
A.        The najaasat which can be seen is called haqeeqi najaasat, for example urine, stool, blood, wines.

Q.        What is hukmi najaasat ?
A.        When a man is without wuduu’ or bath (when he needs it), he has hukmi najaasat.

Q.        From what type of najaasat should one free his body before saying salaah ?
A.        It is necessary to be free from both types of najaasat for saying salaah.

Q.        How many types of hukmi najaasat are there?
A.        Two types: One is the lesser type known as Hadath-e-asghar, the other is the greater type which is called hadath-e-akbar or janaabat.

Q.        How to clean oneself from the lesser type of hukmi najaasat?
A.        By wuduu’ one can clean oneself from the lesser type of hukmi najaasat.



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