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Part II: Angels

Q.        What are the angels?
A.        They are Allah’s creatures, made of light (noor). They are not physical beings and therefore are (mostly) invisible to the human eye. They do not disobey Allah nor commit any sin. They keep on readily doing the work assigned to them by Allah.

Q.        How many angels are there?
A.        Nobody except Allah knows their exact number. This much is known that there are many angels and four of them stand out prominently in respect of their nearness to Allah.

Q.        Who are those four prominent angels?
A.        The first one is Hazrat Jibraa’eel who brought Allah’s books, commands and messages to His prophets. The second is Hazrat Israafeel who will blow the trumpet on the Day of Judgment. The third is Hazrat Mikaa’eel whose work is to bring the rain and give sustenance to Allah’s creatures. The fourth is Hazrat ‘Izraa’eel (peace be upon them all) who is deputed to take the life out of a living creature.[1]

[1] Often known as the “angel of death.”



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