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Part I: Wuduu'

Q.        How to do wuduu’ ?

A.           Sit at a high place. Take clean water in a clean pot. It is better to face the Qiblah but if there is no possibility of it, there is no harm. Roll up your sleeves to your elbows; then recite Bismillaah and wash both the hands up to the wrists, three times.

               Then gargle three times and brush your teeth. If you do not have a brush or miswaak, rub your teeth with your (right index) finger.

               Then put water into your nostrils three times and clean them with your left little finger, then wash your face three times. Do not splash water on your face with force but run water on the forehead softly and wash from the forehead down to the chin and on either side of the face up to the ears.

               Then wash the right arm up to the elbow three times, and do the same with the left arm.

               Then wet your hands and pass them over the head, ears and neck. This is called masah. Masah should be done on each part only once.

               Then wash each foot three times up to the ankle, first the right foot, then the left.



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