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Part I: Salaah

Q.        How do Muslims adore and worship Allah?
A.        They say salaah (namaaz), keep fasts (saum), give zakaat and perform hajj.

Q.        What is salaah or namaaz?
A.        Salaah is a special way of worship and prayer taught by Allah in the Holy Qur’aan, elucidated and explained practically by His apostle, Muhammad ( ), in ahaadeeth (traditions).

Q.        How is salaah performed?
A.        Salaah is performed by standing before Allah facing the Qiblah, with hands crossed on the belly, in the mosque or at home, reciting the Qur’aan, praising Allah’s greatness, bowing to Him in respect and putting the forehead on the ground to show humility to Him.

Q.        Observing prayer – is it done in the masjid (mosque) or in the home?
A.        Allah is Omnipresent (present everywhere and at all times)- whether a man or woman present themselves before Allah in the vicinity of a masjid or within the four walls of their house. You can say your prayers at home or in a mosque- Allah is everywhere. But for men there is greater reward in observing the prayers in a masjid.

Q.        One has to wash the face, hands and feet before the salaah: what is that called?
A.        It is called wuduu’ (ablution). Salaah done without wuduu’ is not acceptable and not valid.

Q.        To which direction should a Muslim turn his or her face while offering prayer?
A.        Towards Makkah.

Q.        Why has it been ordered to turn one’s face to Makkah?
A.        Since it is in Makkah that the sacred house of Allah is located. It is called the Ka’bah.  One must turn one’s face towards the Ka’bah while offering namaaz.

Q.        What name do we give to the direction of our prayer?
A.        It is called Qiblah.

Q.        How many times is the salaah offered during the whole day and night?
A.        It is compulsory (obligatory) to say salaah five times during the day and night.

Q.        What are the names of those five salaat?
A.        They are:


The first one, which is said before the sunrise, is called Fajr.


The second one, offered in the afternoon, is called Zuhr.


The third one, said in the late afternoon before sunset, is ‘Asr.


The fourth, said just after sunset, is Maghrib.


The fifth, said one and a half or two hours after sunset, is called ‘Ishaa.



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