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The Hamden Masjid - Madrasah - Graveyard Project


The Islamic Center of Hamden was officially registered as a non-profit (Federal 501(c)(3)) organization in 2000. In the same year, an piece of land, 2.7 acres, was purchased at 698 Newhall Street, Hamden, Connecticut for the purpose of establishing a masjid/madrasah/graveyard complex. The design for a basic masjid/madrasah structure has been approved by the town zoning and planning commission. Insha-Allah, by mid-2004, the complete architectural plans will be completed and the Islamic Center will apply for the actual building permit.


The main outside view of the proposed masjid/madrasah building.


Alhamdulillah, since 1998, families in the Hamden area have come together to support a madrasah for children and adults. Currently, a set of rooms are being rented at 60 Connolly Parkway, Hamden, CT to serve as the temporary location for Madrasa-tun-Noor and the Islamic Center of Hamden. At least 3 of the daily prayers are held regularly in jama'ah (congregation), along with Jumu'ah, Taraweeh, 'Eid, etc. 


Other current activities of the Islamic Center of Hamden

bulletDaily jama’ah and jumu’ah prayers.
bulletDaily (5-7PM) and weekend (10AM-1:30PM) madrasah classes for children and adults.
bulletWeekly halaqah (Thursday night) and family dars (Friday night).
bulletMonthly community dinners with occasional guest lectures from local brothers and visiting ‘ulama (scholars).
bulletAnnual picnics for the Muslim community of the Hamden/New Haven area.
bulletField trips and outings for Muslim families.
bulletWedding/marriage services.
bulletFuneral (janâzah) and burial arrangements. Workshops on how to perform janâzah.
bulletLocal moon sighting efforts.
bulletTarâweeh prayers and iftâr during Ramadân. Hâfiz arrangements for other masâjid through the Connecticut Council of Masâjid.
bulletEid and qurbâni (udhiyya) arrangements.
bulletIQRA monthly newsletter and Islâmic resources website (
bulletDa’wah publications and programs.
bulletDevelopment and publication of resources for Islâmic school usage (Qur’ân reading Qâ’idah, book of children’s du’â, book of children’s hadîth, etc.).







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