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Arrangements for Qurbani (Eid Sacrifice)



For the past several years, CCM along with the Islamic Center of Hamden and Halal Meat (Bridgeport, CT) have arranged for the Eid-ul-Adha sacrifice. Goat or lamb can be ordered. (We cannot do cows, because the slaughterhouse currently insists on shooting them first.) Only a limited number of animals are available, so orders are subject to availability of animals and are processed on a first-come first-serve basis as reservation forms are received.



If you would like to participate in this program, please pay $100 in advance per goat/lamb and per share of cow. You or your representative must be at the slaughterhouse on the day of Eid to slaughter/witness the sacrifice. You will have to arrange to pick up the meat at Halal Meat in Bridgeport on the day agreed with Br. Muhammad, and settle the account. If your sacrifice costs less than $100, Br. Muhammad will refund the extra. If it costs more, you will pay the difference to Br. Muhammad at the time of pickup. The price will depend on which option you choose for having the meat cleaned and cut.  Please check the weight and price of the meat at the store when you pick it up.

In order to reserve your animal, please print out the registration form below and return it by the deadline. We cannot accept forms which are not sent by the deadline. 


Registration Form

- Deadline: Friday, Jan. 23, 2004

- {DEADLINE EXPIRED} (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


Any questions: contact Br. Khalid at 624-7827.


Directions to Slaughterhouse at Halal Meat Market

The slaughterhouse is located at 66 OLD ANSONIA ROAD, SEYMOUR. Tel. 203-734-1074. From New Haven: Take Whalley Ave to Fountain St to Rimmon Rd (313) to Old Ansonia Rd.

HALAL MEAT MARKET is located at 815 MADISON AVE, BRIDGEPORT. Tel. 203-333-3702.

Related Issues

Currently, there are no Muslim-owned slaughterhouses in Connecticut, so arrangements are made through Br. Muhammad with a slaughterhouse which he works with all year around. By going through Br. Muhammad, instead of each person going individually, there is less chance of confusion or problems and makes it possible to organize so that everybody is able to do their Qurbani on time. Plans to arrange for a Muslim-owned/operated slaughterhouse are in progress. If you are interested in helping such a project, please contact CCM.

Occasionally, due to weather conditions or other issues with the slaughterhouse, it becomes difficult to make the Qurbani on the first day of Eid. In such event, all those who have reserved their animals will be informed.


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