Islamic Glossary: Letter K

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kalimah tayyibah (, al-)

ka-li-mah tay-yi-bah
See also: kalimah
khaleef | khulafaa'

alt. khalif | khulafa'
kha-leef | khu-la-faa'

"Successor." (Caliph) A title given to the leaders of the Muslim empire after the passing of the Prophet Muhammad .

See also: Amir-ul-Mu'minin
kitab | pl. kutub

alt. kitaab
ki-taab | ku-tub

"(The) Book." A term used for the Qur'an and extended to all the divinely revealed scriptures.


Incorrect spelling of Qur'an.



The state of disbelief. Its opposite is Islam. A person in such a state is a kafir.

See also: kafir


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