Islamic Glossary: Letter I

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alt. imaan, eemaan

"Faith." Heartily acceptance and verbal confession thereof.


alt. 'Isa, 'Eesaa, Jesus

The proper name for "Jesus" the son of Maryam ("Mary") .

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alt. 'isha, ishaa

The obligatory prayer offered when twilight sets in.


alt. Islaam

"Submission" or "surrender." (1) The way of life followed by Muslims is called Islam because it involves submitting oneself entirely and completely to the orders of Allah in all aspects of one's life in this world - physical, spiritual, social, political, economic, etc. Islam has always been the way of life taught by all the prophets that were sent to humanity, the last and final of which is the Prophet Muhammad .

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alt. Isma'ilites, Saba'iyyah

The Isma'ilites, or "Seveners" (Saba'iyyah), was a group of extremist Shi'ahs originating from a schism which took place in the Shi'ah community towards the end of the eighth century (C.E.) about the question of the succession of the seventh Imam, Isma'il. The sixth Imam, Ja'far as-Saadiq, had disinherited Isma'il in favor of his younger son Musaa al-Kaazim; but a faction of the Shi'ahs remained faithful to Isma'il. Later, the Isma'ilites proved their vitality under such different aspects as the terrorism of the Qarmaatian sectaries, the caliphate of Fatimides, the Brethren of Purity, and the once so-dreaded Assassins.

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