Dua Lesson 21: Traveling

When getting on his mount for a journey, the Prophet ( ) would say:

  - “Allah is the Greatest.” (3 times)

Then he would say:

“Glory be to Allah, Who has subjugated this (means of travel) for us, though we were unable to subdue it. Behold we are assuredly to return unto our Lord. Oh Allah! Truly we ask You for goodness and taqwaa in this travel of ours and for those actions which please You. Oh Allah! Make easy for us this journey of ours and make us cover its distance quickly. Oh Allah! You are our Companion in the travel and the Guardian of (our) household. Oh Allah! I seek refuge with You from the toils of travel, from beholding a miserable sight (on arrival), and from an evil return to my wealth and family.”[1]


After returning he would repeat the above adding:

“We are returning, repentant, worshippers and praisers of our Lord.”



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