Islam: The Qur'ānic Overview

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In the name of Allah the Merciful the Mercy Giving


A person is confronted with ever increasing challenges in this space age which keep him/her occupied. This booklet is designed in such a way that within an hour it is possible to learn the basic teachings of the Qur'ān which cover various aspects of human life. This method of presentation has proved very effective for, of the two previous editions, over 50,000 copies have been distributed.

One out of every five persons who live in the world is a Muslim. Comprehension of Islam would provide better understanding of Muslims. It is with pleasure that QAF presents this third extended edition for both Muslim and non?Muslim readers who wish to comprehend the basic tenets of Islam from its most authoritative source - the Qur'ān.

This work includes over 600 references to the Qur'ān on 33 important themes and also serves as a guidebook for students as well as teachers.

I wish to express my gratitude to all who have assisted me in the publication of this work and look forward to receiving suggestions from readers.

Muhammad Ibrahim H. I. Surty
Tāj Cottage,
Sha'bān 1415 AH


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