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The Religion of Peace

Ishtiaq Hussain Qureishi

This book is posted in order to provide a brief introduction to the religion of Islam, and its conception of peace in particular. Written during the hectic era of the Gandhi movement and world war, it attempts to provide a non-controversial overview of some of the features of Islam. As such, it is hoped that both Muslims and non-Muslims interested in the truth of Islam will find it a useful resource.


> Preface
> Chapter One: Introductory
> Chapter Two: The Basis of All Toleration
> Chapter Three: The Doctrine of a Chosen People
> Chapter Four: Compulsion in Religion
> Chapter Five: Misunderstandings Regarding Jihad
> Chapter Six: The Ethics of Force
> Chapter Seven: Jihad in Theory
> Chapter Eight: Jihad in Practice
> Chapter Nine: Relations with Non-Muslims
> Chapter Ten: Islam, The Religion of Peace