The ABC of Islam

by Obaid Ahmed, age 10


Allâh is the only deity,
He doesn’t share His majesty,
Everything in the universe says,
To Allâh belongs all praise,
So submit to the sustainer of humanity.

Books of Allâh

Allâh wrote books,
The best of books,
Qur’an, Injeel, Zabur, and Torah,
To guide us to Jannah,
But Qur’an is the best of His books.

Call to Islam

The call to Islam,
Is the holiest one to man,
So bear witness
And make a promise,
To become pious and filled with iman.


Shaitan is the devil,
His intention is evil,
He leads mankind astray,
And shows them the bad way,
So make sure you are not at his level.


Always remember when you eat,
To have some manners and be neat,
Care for others,
And share with your brothers,
And make sure halal is what you eat.


Our faith is called Iman,
Our religon is Islam,
In Iman you must believe,
In seven things Allâh decreed,
To become the happiest man.

Gardens of Jannah

If the Gardens of Jannah is what you desire,
And you want to save yourself from the fire,
Then believe in Allâh and do good deeds,
In the end you will succeed,
But never listen to Shaitan the liar.


Make the pilgrimage,
When you reach the age,
And have the power,
To do every hour,
Of the holy pilgrimage.


We must try to achieve Ihsan,
For that we must have Iman,
To have Iman we must learn Islam,
To learn Islam we must follow the man,
Muhammad  and the Qur’an.


Jihad means to strive,
For Allâh while we’re alive,
To enjoin good,
And forbid falsehood,
In ours and others lives.

Kith and kin

We must be kind to our kith and kin,
Not doing so is a sin,
We must be kind to everyone,
Friends, family, daughter, or son,
And never break ties from kith and kin.


On Lailat-ul-Qadr we get a lot of reward,
The reward for good deeds we must always hoard,
When Lailat-ul-Qadr comes is not disclosed,
It is left on us to be explored,
Rasulullah (PBUH) left clues to find this night of our Lord.


Malaa’ikah are angels, made of light,
They each have a job and they do it right,
Angels have no choice or free will,
They do their job and do not rebel,
Also, we can’t see them with our sight.

Naar (Fire)

Be carefull not to fall,
In the most cruel punishment of all,
It is hell,
There you won’t be well,
So take heed to this sincere call.

Order of Allâh

Man must submit to the order of God,
Allâh is the God who gave us a job,
To worship Him alone,
Until our soul leaves our flesh and bones,
And our grave is covered with sod.


Allâh sent prophets to mankind,
They were the best and their light shined,
Rasools were given books but Nabi’s were
Nabi’s preached what the earlier prophet
But their Lord was always in their mind.


Qur’an is the best book,
You might want to take a look,
If you want to know, this is how,
And you’re sure to find answers in this book.


In the month of Ramadan,
Allâh sent the Qur’an,
At night taraweeh we pray,
And we fast in the day,
And we do as many good deeds as we can.


When you become a Muslim, you must say the Shahadah,
Shahadah is proclaiming the Tawheed of Allâh,
Tawheed means that Allâh is One,
And partners He has none,
And that Muhammad  is the last messenger of Allâh.


Repenting to Allâh,
Is called taubah,
Allâh is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful,
Ask for His bounty, He is Most Bountiful,
More good and less bad is better in the akhirah.


Muhammad’s  Ummah,
Is the best Ummah,
Because its people enjoin good,
And forbid falsehood,
And believe in Allâh.


Believers have victory,
Disbelievers have ignominy,
In the hereafter,
Believers are better,
And from punishment, disbelievers can’t flee.

Wudu (Ablution)

We do wudu to clean our body,
And to get ready
To pray salat,
Allâh ordered us that,
To succeed in the life of eternity.


X can’t be rhymed easily,
But we must humbly,
Submit to Allâh the great,
For good we shouldn’t be late,
Or do good lazily.


Do good deeds to get the garden,
Make sure you do not have the burden,
Of going to hell to burn,
Where you cannot turn,
And ask for pardon.


Zakat is a pillar of Islam,
Give it to build your Iman,
Zakat is charity,
Required on those who have enough money,
And things needed by man.



Published: February - October 2005