'Isa (Jesus - peace be upon him)

'Isa (Jesus - Peace be upon him)


Jesus ('Isa (peace be upon him)) was a very noble prophet of Allah,
    He surely conveyed the message of Allah.
Miraculous was the birth of Jesus, son of the Virgin Mary,
    On the Day of Judgment, those who lie about them will be sorry.

Peace and love were things that Jesus taught,
    These are things that ought to be practiced and sought.
Allah gave him miracles, so that people could believe,
    But many continued to disbelieve.

The disbelievers wanted to get rid of him by means of crucifixion,
    But Allah saved him and took him to a higher elevation.
Allah raised him to Heaven, where verily he will stay,
    Until there comes a period on earth; until the appointed day.

When he descends, he will kill the Anti-Christ and spread peace in the world,
    Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.
He has no partners in the Heavens or the earth,
    And peace be on Jesus, who had a miraculous birth.

Obaid Ahmed
6th Grade, Hamden CT

Published: December 2005