What is faith?
A candle that lightens the heart
With the glorious rays of Allah’s love
A flower that perfumes the entire being
With the pleasant fragrance of trust
A flow that purifies the heart’s dirt
And beautifies one’s character
A tonic activating every body part
With the energetic will of doing good
To the creator and his creatures
It creates a major differentiation
Between what is good and what is not
It enables you spread the word of truth
And gives you the courage, the guts
To stop all what’s wrong
With the hand or the tongue
Or at least feeling bad about it
Those feelings will soon grow up
And become words
The growth of words will occur
And become our acts
Our acts will be
Our final destiny
An immortal life
It’s pleasant or miserable
Well, it’s our choice
To choose the path
Whether eternal pleasure
Or never ending miseries
It’s our decision.

Published: January 2003